Styria, LLC offers many facets of consulting services to assist you, the owner, before and during the construction. Our services include:

  • Feasibility and market studies: Are you new to the storage industry and you would like to build your own facility? If you answered yes, you will need a financial feasibility required by a bank to lend money on your investment.
  • Site evaluations: Is your site in the right zoning for storage? What are the codes to build in your county? This step is necessary before you start with the design.
  • Design: We meet with owners, architects, civil-, structural-, landscape- and MEP engineers to assist, make recommendations to design a facility and achieve the optimum unit mix. In addition we will help to select the vendors and sub-contractors.
  • Construction: We make regular monthly visits to the site and communicate with owners, builders, professional engineers and sub contractors.
  • Opening service: We order, install and configure storage software programs; order all material needed for operation; provide rental agreements for customers; order all office furniture, computers, fax, phones DSL lines. Additional we will implement an advertising campaign for your specific need.